Ceausescun koirat

Saferescue.org-nettisivustolta silmiini osui pysähdyttävä lainaus, jossa kiteytyy koruttomasti Romanian nykyinen kulkukoiratilanne:

“Unfortunately, these are Ceausescu’s dogs. Even under communism, most people had their own homes, land and animals that they took care of. Then there came a time when he became a dictator and to get Romania out of debt, he confiscated the land and houses. He built apartment buildings made of cardboard or substandard material with outhouses… no indoor plumbing. The people basically had no choice but to turn the dogs out on the streets. Thus creating this horrendous problem for many generations to come.”

Sivusto jatkaa asiasta:

”We can’t fix this overnight… maybe we can’t fix it at all but we can help to let the world know there is a problem here and if a small number of dogs also get a new start in life and get to experience love, kindness and security for the first time then I am so proud to be a part of it.”

Yhdyn tähän täysin.



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